Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms of Service govern the use of the site and any other mobile app under GD Supplies. We use the terms “we”, “our” and “us” throughout the site and mobile app. These terms automatically refer to GD Supplies. By choosing the option “I Agree”, you are agreeing to follow our terms and conditions. It also means you are agreeing to use our services or our mining software.

By choosing the “I Agree” option, you accept that you have read all our terms and conditions. You cannot access our services unless you accept our terms and conditions. These terms apply to every user who uses our site irrespective of who are customers, vendors, browsers, or merchants.

Eligibility to Use Our Website

Using GD Supplies services, you agree that:

  • You are of legal age and eligible to enter the contract.
  • You are not removed or suspended from the GD Supplies site, app, or other platforms.
  • You have authority and power to enter into any agreement and you will not violate any other agreement.
  • You will not use our app, site, or services that have been prohibited by applicable laws.
  • You are not performing or engaging in any illegal or unlawful activity by using our site, app, or platform.

We have the sole right to stop your access to the GD Supplies platform, site, or app in certain cases. You are responsible to follow all the rules and laws of Canada.

General Terms and Conditions

We have the right to refuse service to anyone who violates the rules. You understand that your personal information might be given unencrypted to some networks. This information does not include credit card details. Credit card details will be always encrypted while transferring to several networks. 

Every user agrees not to copy, reproduce, resell or sell any part of GD Supplies service or use our service without our permission.

Accuracy of Information On the Site

GD Supplies is not responsible if the information on the site is incomplete or inaccurate. Except in certain cases, the information provided on the site is used for general purposes only. Users should not rely on this information or make any decisions without proper consultation.

We may provide some historical information on our official site. This information is given only for reference. It should not be taken in the form of financial advice. We do not intend to hint at any future profitability by providing this historical data. Use of such information is at your own risk.

GD Supplies has the sole right to modify the content of the website anytime but we are not obliged to update any data on our website. It is the responsibility of users to monitor changes and updates on our site.

Rules of Ordering the Products and Payment

  1. We provide the option to see the rates of our products inclusive or exclusive of taxes. We charge tax on every product of our company.
  2. We send an order confirmation to every customer after they place the order on our site. Please note that order confirmation does not mean that your order is accepted. Every order includes an offer to purchase a product. All the orders placed by our customers are subject to acceptance. We will confirm the acceptance of products through email. The details of the contract will be given to you whenever we send the dispatch email.
  3. The contract will relate to only those products in the dispatch email. Products not confirmed by the Dispatch Email are not included in the contract.
  4. We use photos and descriptions only to show the details of the products. We take utmost care while showing every detail of the product but some errors might occur. We use images only for illustrative purposes.
  5. Customers can make payments by bank, credit or debit cards, or any other mode of payment. We will not ship products until the payment is cleared. Before shipping the final item, we may ask you to provide details of your registered address.
  6. GD Supplies tries its best to provide all the correct prices but some errors may occur. If we find any error with the product or its price before dispatch, we will inform you as early as possible. We will also offer you the option to reconfirm your order at the revised price or to cancel it anytime. We will cancel the order if we cannot contact you by any means. If you have paid for the product and the order is canceled, we will give you your refund as soon as possible.

Accuracy of Billing Details and Account Details

It is your responsibility to provide complete and right account information for the purchase of products from our site. You are responsible to update your account details such as email ID, and credit number information with the expiry date of the card. These details are necessary to contact you and complete every transaction.

To know more details, you can read our purchase policy given on our official site.

Rights of Customers 

  • You have the right to cancel the order of your purchase anytime within 2 weeks of receipt. We provide you with a refund according to the rules of our Returns Policy. However, some items are not included in this clause. You can view our Returns Policy to know more details. You are responsible to give us in writing and return the items in the same conditions when you receive them. We advise you to look at the guidelines of our packaging and return the products through recorded delivery. We are not liable for goods damaged during transit.
  • If you find our product faulty, please refer to our policy of returns.
  • If you want to return any item not included in the clause of the returns policy, then such items will be accepted only at our wish. You have to also provide some details of the products while returning them to use. We will give you the current price of such products.

Third-Party Links

Some products or services on our site or app may contain third-party links. These links may relate to third-party sites that are not connected with our site. GD Supplies is not responsible to check the content or accuracy of data on these sites. It is at your own risk to open these links or visit the sites that are not connected to our site. We do not offer a warranty or responsibility for 3rd party websites, materials, products, or services of any third party.

Waiver and Other Governing Laws

Any dispute connected to the services shall be governed as per the law of Canada state. Any legal dispute shall be solved in court. You agree that in the case of a dispute, you will not bring any claim or forward your claim to be solved by another representative.

Refund Policy

Whoever is buying products from www.gdsupplies.ca, there is no refund for goods damaged or seized by customs. The GD Supplies will not be responsible for that.  

Changes in Terms and Conditions

You can see the updated terms of service anytime on our official site. These changes are applicable from the date on which they are posted on the site.

We have the right to change or replace any terms of service by posting changes on our site. You are responsible to check our site regularly to know updates.


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