• Brand ICERIVER
  • Model KS5M
  • Material Metal
  • Warranty 1

IceRiver KS5M mining machine works at KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 15Th/s and a less power consumption of 3400W.

KAS Hashrate


Wall Power



15TH 3400W

Dimension(with packaging)




Gross Weight


Net Weight




Voltage Input

170-300V AC

Operating Temp

0~35 ℃

KS5M mining machine from ICERIVER launched in June 2024. It is specially designed for mining cryptocurrency and supports the KheavyHash Algorithm. The new KS5M miner offers a unique blend of balanced hash rate and power consumption, making it one of the best Kapsa mining machines. This ASIC miner allows you to achieve faster transaction confirmation. It empowers you with the capabilities to handle your mining task.

ICERIVER KS5M mining machine is a powerful mining machine that makes it ideal for mining Kaspa, Sedra, and other cryptocurrencies that support the KheavyHash algorithm.

Iceriver KS5M Algorithm

As we know, Kaspa is a decentralized cryptocurrency in the world. Thankfully, the new Iceriver KS5M miner is engineered with KHeavyhash Algorithm to mine the Kapsa and sedra cryptocurrencies. This machine gives its core attention to the security and scalability of your currency. It features a noise level of 75 dB that is ideal for mining in locations like industrial or remote mining areas.

Performance and Efficiency

The ICERIVER KS5M kaspa miner has a maximum hash rate of 15th/s and low power consumption of 3400W. That is sufficient for mining Kaspa. Additionally, its low usage of electricity is a big advantage, especially if electricity costs are a concern for you. Its lower power consumption ensures reduced operational costs while providing cost-effective mining functionality. That increases your chances of gaining higher profitability because you can mine your coins for a longer time without worrying about electric costs.

Market Position and ROI

ICERIVER KS5M mining machine is the most powerful Kaspa miner available on the market and offers the highest ROI for Kaspa mining. This crypto-mining machine is designed to provide specialized support in mining Kaspa. Whether you want to start solo mining or are interested in participating in a pool, incorporating the KS5M KAS miner into your mining equipment will be a transformative decision for gaining profits and winning new rewards.

Advanced Technology and Durability

ICERIVER KS5M hardware is equipped with advanced ASIC technology and a robust cooling system that makes it an ideal option for mining Kapsa. Additionally, it is made of durable construction that makes it powerful enough for heavy mining operations. So, switching to ICERIVE KS5M miner provides you with competitive advantages and is a good option for those who want to capitalize on Kaspa's growing ecosystem.

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