Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GD Supplies ensures the privacy of the information of every customer. We also offer the best quality service to our customers. Our company helps people to mine different types of cryptocurrencies. GD Supplies respects the privacy of every customerand we have our own Privacy Policy.

The privacy policy of our company states the method in which we collect your information and use it. Whenever any customer visits our site, our site secures your personal information. Our site will also secure your personal data when you purchase any product from us or communicate with the company in any way.

Meaning of Personal Data

We at GD Supplies may collect the personal data of customers in certain cases. Personal data or personal information is data that identifies, describes, or is related to a particular user. It may include information about your devices such as browser of history and IP addresses. Personal data may also include information or data related to your devices. However, it may exclude any unidentified aggregated data of the customer.

Our privacy policy includes the following options:

  • Disclosure
  • Payments
  • Cookies and collection
  • Age of permission
  • Contact information
  • Any changes in our privacy policy
  • Security of information

Methods Used by our Site to Collect your Personal Information

We will collect your personal information if required by law or according to Data Protection Act and other laws. Information provided by you will be used only for marketing our products or services or in case of improving our products and services. We will use your personal information in the following cases:

  1. We will collect your personal data while opening an account on our site. Apart from that, we will also collect your data whenever you place an order or buy a product online from our site. During the purchase transaction, you will have to provide your contact details such as name, registered address, billing address, mobile number, or any other contact number. We will save all your personal data to contact you for marketing our products next time. Our site will also use your financial data while preparing bills or invoices and verification.
  2. Our site will ask for your mobile number, landline number, or any other contact number to contact you during a query or a problem.
  3. We will also ask for some of your personal details whenever you will participate in any promotional event or competition of our company.
  4. We will record your calls for quality control and safety purposes.

How Does our Company Use the Information Provided by Customers?

Personal information provided by you will be used in the following cases:

  • While completing an order and giving warranties on the products.
  • We will also use your information for security checking. Your personal details are forwarded to a credit reference agency. This agency may check all your details to prevent any fraudulent transactions.
  • Our company will use your data to notify you about the changes that might happen on our site or to inform you about the latest offers or any promotional offers.
  • We will not supply any of your personal details to outsiders or third parties.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We at GD Supplies might disclose your personal data in the following cases:

  • We will pass your personal information to vendors or consultants who carry out services on our behalf.
  • We will supply your personal data if it is required by certain laws or courts. Our company will try to object to these requests where we have the right to do so.
  • Your personal data might be used by us for the protection of rights or properties or your safety. It might also be used by our company to investigate activities that are not consistent with our policies or agreement.
  • We might provide your information to a successor entity or buyer in the case of a merger, sale of assets of the company, merger, or acquisition of our business by another business or company.

Protection of your Data and Other Security Measures

We will take every necessary step to protect your data and create a safe environment to protect your information when you open an account on our site or order any product from our site. Your personal details will be supplied only to the necessary people.

Consent to use your personal information

Using our site automatically means that you have given permission to our company to use your personal data.


Our site uses cookies to gather data from our visitors. These cookies help us to gather data of visitors when they visit our site. Some of the cookies are necessary and you cannot get the option to opt-out of necessary cookies. Our site also uses some unnecessary cookies that you can choose to opt-out from.


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