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What Is Crypto Pre-Mining and How Does It Work?

What Is Crypto Pre-Mining and How Does It Work?

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We often come across terms related to Cryptocurrencies such as pre-mining and cryptocurrency mining. Pre-mining is a new term that many of us do not know. It is a process of mining tokens based on blockchain technology before the launch of the cryptocurrency to the public.

Cryptocurrency Pre Mining is the process that occurs in the early stages of mining a project. In this process, the team of developers mines a specific block of cryptocurrency before launching it to the general public. It is one of the most important steps in the process of mining Cryptocurrency with ASIC Miners.

In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of Pre mining cryptocurrency and how it works. We will also discuss the different benefits and drawbacks of the Crypto pre-mining process.

What Is Cryptocurrency Pre-Mining?

We discussed a short section on Cryptocurrency pre-mining above. Let us discuss this concept in detail. Pre-mining is the process that takes place before the launch of tokens to the public. It occurs in the early stages of a mining project when the developers of cryptocurrency test a block of mining project before it is launched to the public.

Many miners can control the portion of tokens that will further be circulated. For some people, the process of cryptocurrency pre-mining is necessary whereas some miners believe that it is a drawback to test a block of cryptocurrency before the launch.

If you want to invest in a project related to pre-mined coins, it is necessary to do some research before investing your funds in the project. Through the pre-mining process, the developers can reserve a large number of coins before they are introduced to the public.

Many developers use the concept of pre-mining to generate funds and new projects. Some of them also distribute these coins among some users. 

How Does Pre Mining Work?

Crypto Pre Miningis the reserve of coins made by developers. These developers create a cryptocurrency for specific blockchain protocols and send it to the wallets of other cryptocurrency founders and developers. These coins are issued to the public after some months.

Pre mining process helps many developers to use a certain portion of tokens for development and other purposes. These tokens or coins are then issued to the public after the start of the initial coin offering or ICO. However, the process of pre-mining is not beneficial in many cases. It gives the chance to the developers to store enough coins before they are released to the public.

The process of pre-mining will cause a shortage of coins for regular investors. It also creates a large gap between developers and new investors.

Advantages of Pre-Mining Crypto

Pre-mining crypto is a new term for many of us. It is issuing coins to the developers before they are issued to the investors. The Crypto pre-mining process has several advantages such as:

  • Good chance for developers

The process of pre-mining is beneficial for many developers as it allows them to store enough coins. In another word, pre-mining gives rewards to the developers who want to develop a new project. Developers will get coins before the coins are issued to the public.

  • Increases the demand for the coins

One of the major benefits of crypto pre-mining is that it works like a marketing technique. Investors and developers will get pre-mined tokens and spread the word among the general public. Many investors will come forward to purchase these coins thereby increasing the price of the coin before the launch.

  • Rewards for developers

Many developers spend their time and funds creating a cryptocurrency of different kinds. The pre-mining process will give rewards to the developers for their time and money. Apart from that, the developers will also get financial help for building a new project. In this way, the founders of cryptocurrency and developers will develop technologies with the help of tokens they receive in the pre-mining process.

  • Builds trust among the users

Another benefit of crypto pre-mining is that builds trust in the minds of users. Developers will show their skills in mining coins and developing a project. Moreover, the pre-mining process will attract new users and investors to the project.

  • Reduces competition in the market

One of the major benefits of choosing pre-mining process is that it reduces competition for several projects. This process also helps the team to get a good start in developing a new project. Pre-mining will bring new users and investors for various projects.

  • Funds for minor expenses

Many new Crypto mining projects are developed daily. These projects involve many expenses such as marketing costs, salaries of the team, and infrastructure costs. Pre-mining crypto will help to pay salaries to the staff and infrastructure costs. It also helps to pay any other charges involved with the project.

Disadvantages of Pre-Mining Crypto

We discussed many advantages of pre-mining crypto. Now, let us discuss the drawbacks of pre-mining crypto. Here is the list of disadvantages of pre-mining crypto:

  1. Pre mining process results in price volatility and excess speculation. These things can stop the development of a new project.
  2. Through the pre-mining process, the founders and developers will make a lot of money before the coins are issued to the public. Many small investors and new users cannot get coins or rewards even if they want to invest their funds.
  3. Pre mining process can be harmful to new cryptocurrency projects. It also increases the risk of getting projects spoiled. Many small investors will lose their interest in these projects and not invest their funds.
  4. It also causes a shortage of coins as many developers store them before the launch to the public.


Pre mining process has both benefits and drawbacks. It is beneficial for the developers while a drawback for many small investors. This process must be done with some ethics and rules for the proper distribution of new coins between small investors and developers. It should be done with transparency and honesty. 

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