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6 Ways to Build a Complete Crypto Mining Rig

6 Ways to Build a Complete Crypto Mining Rig

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Cryptocurrency mining is one of the best ways to earn extra income from the home or office. Today, many individuals go for the crypto mining option over investing money in different types of coins. Getting a good Crypto mining machine is the first step to earning income by mining different types of coins. You will get the best Crypto Mining Machines in Canada from online sites.

If you want to start crypto mining, it is necessary to build a Crypto Mining Rig. This mining rig is necessary for beginners who do not know about installing hardware on their PC. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of a crypto mining rig, its parts, and the ways to build a mining rig.

What is Crypto Mining Rig?

A mining rig is a kind of hardware that helps to add new coins to the existing supply of the cryptocurrency. This rig is a process in which cryptocurrencies work as a P2P network. There is no centralized authority in cryptocurrency mining.

Parts used in Crypto Mining Rig 

You will need the following parts to build a crypto mining rig:

  • GPU

GPU is the most important part of the mining rig setup. This component in crypto mining hardware helps to make profits. You must choose the best mining GPU to start the process of the mining rig.

  • Motherboard

The next important component is the motherboard. You must look at the processor socket type to start a mining rig.

  • CPU

A high-tech CPU is one of the most important things for starting a mining rig. You can choose a low-end or moderate CPU for bitcoin mining.

  • RAM

RAM is not a very important component but you can buy it for a mining rig setup.

  • PSU

A certified PSU will help in getting a smooth mining rig setup.

  • Risers

Risers help to elevate GPU from Motherboard to increase cooling and airflow.

  • SSD

You will need an SSD of 240 GB to start the mining rig.

  • Internet connection

You can pick any Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi adapter to start building Crypto Mining Rigs.

  • Mining rig

A mining rig frame of 6 GPU is also needed in building a crypto mining rig.

  • Flash drive

You will need a USB flash drive with a capacity of 5 GB.

  • Zip-ties

20+ Nylon cable ties are needed to build a mining rig.

  • PCI-e Y-Splitter

If you do not have a PSU unit, use PCI-e Y-Splitter in a mining rig.

How to build a mining rig?

We discussed all the important components that you need to build a crypto mining rig. No, let us have a look at the process to build a Complete Crypto Mining Rig in the below section:

  • Attach the motherboard

The first step is to place it outside the mining frame. According to the experts, you must put the package box with foam or place anti-static under it. You must also check whether the lever holding down the CPU socket protection is released. It is an important step before attaching the processor.

  • Attach the processor

The next step is to attach your processor to the Motherboard. Now, you have to insert the CPU into the motherboard socket. You have to take some care while removing the CPU as it has a thermal paste. You can make a mark on the socket as well as the CPU to avoid confusion.

You have to also take care while putting your processor in the motherboard socket. These pins will bend quickly thereby damaging the CPU. The best way to attach the processor is by keeping a manual guide. You have to take the thermal paste and apply it to the surface of the heat sink before attaching the processor.

Now, you have to connect the heat sink’s power cable to the pins and check the motherboard manual.

  • Install RAM

Now, you have to put the RAM module in the RAM socket in the Motherboard. You have to open the motherboard slot’s side brackets to insert the RAM module into the RAM socket. Side brackets will automatically lock the RAM module.

  • Fix Motherboard to frame

The next step in the process of Setup the Crypto Mining Rig is to put the Motherboard to the frame. In a mining rig with a metal frame, the Motherboard should touch the frame where the screw holes are present. You have to fix these screws to attach Motherboard firmly.

  • Attach PSU

The power supply unit is located near Motherboard. You must find the 24-pin power connector in motherboards. Fix these connectors firmly to the Motherboard firmly. CPU’s 8-pin power connector must be attached to the Motherboard and put near the processor.

  • Attach USB risers

Now, you have to assemble an x16 USB riser with the PCI-e x1. Then you have to connect this riser to the Motherboard. An electric connection is necessary to power the risers. Different riser models need different connectors such as Molex connectors, SATA cables, or PCI-e six-pin connectors.

You can use up to 2 SATA connectors for every PSU cable. Avoid putting 3 to 4 power connectors.

  • Attach GPUs

The next step is to place graphic cards firmly on the frame with the help of a USB riser. Then you have to plug the PCI-e 6+2 power connectors into GPU. Finally, you have to attach all the connectors to the remaining GPUs.

  • Connect the cables

The final step is to see whether the cables are connected properly. You should connect graphics to your monitor. Then you have to connect the keyboard and mouse and switch on your mining rig. You must connect the power switch to Motherboard’s power pins. BIOS message will occur on the screen after installing everything properly.

Final words

You can mine different coins with the best ASIC Mining Hardware right from your home or workspace. You can choose the premium-grade Crypto Miners in Canada to start mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other types of coins quickly.

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