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About Us


Welcome to GD Supplier


We Believe in Crypto Currency

GD Supplies is a leading name in the field of Cryptocurrency mining in the USA and Canada. We have a family-owned business selling top-quality cryptocurrency mining products and equipment. GD Supplies is based in British Columbia, and it sells various types of Bitcoin mining hardware and other equipment.

We sell the best quality products at a reasonable price. Our team also sells the safest cryptocurrency mining products as per the needs of every customer. We aim to offer premium quality customer service throughout the year in every part of the USA and Canada. Our Crypto Currency Miners Hardware are of top quality and easy to use for everyone. We provide premium crypto currency hardware’s and equipments for top leading brands including MicroBT, Bitmain, Goldshell and more.

Our company looks at the requirements of every customer and then sells the right products. We design top-notch products as per the expectations of different customers. Our company is also adding many new products to its list to give the best service to every client in the next few years.

At GD Supplies, we promise to help every individual miner mine and get the best hash rate. It is our strong effort to maintain a powerful network of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the world. We have a team of professionals and an experienced Bitcoin mining group. They have w thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency mining equipment and other products.

Additionally, our cryptocurrency mining equipment is long-lasting and can mine any kind of cryptocurrency. Our wide range of mining equipment and products fulfills the needs of every customer. We also provide the best technical support throughout the year. Our team solves the queries of every customer accurately.


Our Mission

GD Supplies wants to reach every customer who wants to mine Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin Dogecoin Miners and other major cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to help people learn and explore more in crypto currency mining in Canada. GD Supplies becomes the best source for Mining Equipment Company on a mission to facilitate decentralized growth of hashrate. We aim to give you the best hosting experience without lengthy processes.

Our vision

GD Supplies wants to become an excellent and largest supplier of cryptocurrency mining equipment in different parts of the USA and Canada. We want to reach every client and help them with easy crypto currency mining by offering a wide range of mining equipment for top brands like MicroBT, Bitmain, Goldshell and more.

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